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The Association of Washington Generals is a service organization initiated in 1970 by a group of Seattle area business people in alliance with Lt. Governor John Cherberg. Patterned after similar associations in other states, the founding purpose of the AWG was to provide a way to recognize outstanding service of individuals in the state of Washington, and to bring them together into a service organization.

Formally established by state legislation in 2005, the Generals act as official ambassadors of trade, tourism and goodwill for the state, with authorization to use the image of the state flag to promote its mission. The AWG is the only service organization to be so authorized. Ex-officio members include the Washington governor, the lieutenant governor and the secretary of state.


Meeting information and latest updates available on our blog.

Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen's web site

John Cherberg, Lieutenant Governor, 1970
"This is Washington state. This is the jewel in the crown of the sisterhood of states. This is the product which Washington Generals wish to extol. Let us be on this happy task."
John Cherberg
Lieutenant Governor, 1970

Are you interested in becoming a Washington General or know somebody who might be a good candidate for this organization? Click here to send an email describing the candidate's qualifying background information and why he or she would make a good General. Information will go before the organization's nomination committee for consideration.

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