The Association of Washington Generals



The Association of Washington Generals is a Washington state service organization founded in 1970 by a group of Seattle-area business people in alliance with then-Lt. Governor John A. Cherberg. Modelled after similar associations in other states, the founding purpose of the Association of Washington Generals was to provide a platform to recognize the outstanding service of individuals in the State of Washington, and to bring them together into an organization that enables them to continue to serve our state. 

The Association of Washington Generals is comprised of Washington citizens who have distinguished themselves through exceptional public service, continued dedication to civic achievement, and high moral character. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of State serve on the Board of Directors for the Association of Washington Generals as ex-officio members.

In 2005, the Association was codified under state law by the Legislature, statutorily linking the organization to the Office of Lieutenant Governor. This legislation formally established the Generals as official ambassadors of trade, tourism, and goodwill for the state. It also authorized the Generals to use the image of the state flag to promote its mission.  The Association of Washington Generals is the only service organization to be so authorized.

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The Association of Washington Generals works to honor and promote exemplary service in local communities, to the State of Washington, or to those who are serving and have served our country. The Washington Generals also serve as ambassadors of trade, tourism, and goodwill for Washington state.




Members of the Association of Washington Generals hold ranks ranging from one star to five stars

Brigadier General (One Star): Brigadier Generals are awarded this honorary rank by the Lieutenant Governor for extemporary service or friendship to the State of Washington.

Major General (Two Star): Major Generals are general members of the Association.  They participate in Association activities and events.

Lieutenant General (Three Star): In addition to the duties of a Major General, Lieutenant Generals are required to be active participants in the Association and must serve on at least one of the Association’s committees.

Full General (Four Star): Full Generals are members of the Association that serve on the Association Board.  

General of the State (Five Star):  The Commanding General serves as chair of the organization, the General Board, and the Executive Committee. Generals of the State include the current and former Commanding General.




Members of the Board


Commanding General

Mike Flood

Deputy Commanding General

Mark Gjurasic


Ralph Ibarra

Immediate Past commanding General

Roger Flygare

Ex-officio members of the Board

Governor Jay Inslee

Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib

Secretary of State Kim Wyman

Members of the Board

Alfie Alvarado-Ramos

Bob Skaggs

Doug Pierson

George Cargill

Miland Walling

Owen Mccurty

Sharon Kinder

Stuart Halsan

Verne Pierson