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The Association of Washington Generals is a service organization founded in 1970 by a group of Seattle-area business leaders, in alliance with then-Lt. Governor John A. Cherberg, to recognize individuals who have performed outstanding service to Washington state, and to give them a platform from which to continue service to the state in an official capacity.

The Association of Washington Generals is comprised of Washingtonians who have distinguished themselves through exceptional public service, dedication to civic achievement, and high moral character.

The Washington Generals are linked in state statute to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, creating a close partnership between the organization and state government. As Generals, members serve as official ambassadors of trade, tourism, and goodwill for the state.

For over four decades, the Generals’ mission has been to promote Washington state, and to convene and harness the leadership of exceptional Washingtonians to continue making positive contributions in education, public service, and international engagement.

The Association of Washington Generals is collaborating with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor on a number of efforts aimed at supporting and expanding opportunities for veterans and military families, people with disabilities, and underserved students in Washington state. In particular, I am excited that the Association is partnering with my office to establish and operate the Washington World Fellows program, a new study abroad and college preparation fellowship that will benefit high school students from across the state. 

I commend the Washington Generals for their work on behalf of Washington state and look forward to our continued collaboration.


Cyrus Habib




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Where a warmhearted people vigorously protect the quality of their matchless environment. Where today’s stranger is tomorrow’s neighbor, and Western Hospitality finds its most sensitive manifestation.

This is Washington State.
— Former Lieutenant Governor John A. Cherberg