AWG Updates

Supporting the Mission Continues: 1st Seattle Service Platoon

The Association of Washington Generals aims to serve the residents of Washington state by working to expand opportunities for youth, uniformed services members, veterans, military families, and people with disabilities.  One way in which the Generals serve this purpose is by sponsoring service projects for local Mission Continues service platoons.

The Mission Continues is an organization that brings together veterans in the spirit of service and empowerment. Their goal is to engage veterans who are adjusting to life at home, connect them with other service members, and find purpose through community impact.

Most recently, the Generals funded a service project administered by the 1st Seattle Service Platoon at the Ethiopian Community Center in Seattle this March. The 1st Seattle Service Platoon installed two basketball hoops and their stands for the recreational use of the Community Center’s patrons.

The Ethiopian Community Center works to empower members of their community, mentor the next generation of Ethiopians living in the community, and extend advocacy services and programs to those in need. Their programs include after school care, senior meal opportunities, cultural immersion, coding, computers 101, and resume workshops.

The Generals are proud to support the Mission Continues and the Ethiopian Community Center.

Libby Hollingshead